// Things you should know.
  1. NSFW content is restricted to 18+!

    Members below 18 are not allowed to get access to 18+ content.
  2. Tolerate and Respect all members

    Our Members don't want some rude people around here. So stay cool and give them a hug.
  3. No Spam or Trolling

    When you break that rule... I guess you got banned a lot didn't you?
  4. Keep Topics in the right channel

    We know there are a lot channels but they have a reason to exist. And ignoring those channels will take them the reason to exist. So can you just keep everything where it should be?
  5. No discussions about real world violence

    We don't want to know if you gonna hurt someone or yourself. Just don't talk about it.
  6. Look into Roles before writing DM messages

    There are some people that you shouldn't DM. These people have roles. For example the "Ask for DM" role that indicades that you should ask them.
  7. Members are not allowed to advertise for other Communities

    We have a little competition with other communities, so don't make it worse.
  8. No Child porn

    Hell no don't come up with that. We will never support that.
  9. Do not harass members

    Harassment is a threat to our community and gets sorted out. This also includes blackmailing. If someone has problems with someone just give us evidence and we handle it.
  10. Stray away from sensitive topics

    Little talks about politic are ok. But don't get into long discussions about who you should vote. You also shouldn't talk about racism or sexcism. You should know where the limit is.